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Wage & Hour Disputes

Wage & Hour Disputes

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Wage & Hour Disputes

Our experienced wage & hour attorneys will help you fight for the compensation you’ve earned.

Wage and hour law violations can run the gamut from blatant noncompliance with minimum wage laws to more subtle problems like illegal tip pooling or worker misclassification. In some cases, workers may not even realize their rights have been violated. And even if they do realize it, they may not know what to do next.

Fortunately, you can turn to The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker for accurate information about your rights under the law and your options for taking legal action against your employer. Thanks to our alliance with the respected employment law firm Perona, Langer, Beck, Serbin and Harrison, we can fight back against even the largest and most powerful employers.

We Handle All Kinds of Cases

No matter what specific type of wage & hour violation your employer may have committed, our attorneys can provide the top-quality representation you need and deserve. For example, we help with:

  • Minimum Wage Violations: If your employer is not paying the current minimum wage, we can help you take appropriate legal action to force them to raise your wages and provide the back pay they have wrongfully denied to you.
  • Lost Wages: Our attorneys can help you secure compensation for wages you should have earned while attending to work-related activities. For example, we can help you get back pay to cover time spent in meetings or working through an unpaid lunch break.
  • Tip Pooling Violations: Is your manager, supervisor, or company owner dipping into the tips that you and your fellow workers have pooled together? This is illegal. We can put a stop to this behavior and help you get financial compensation.
  • Unpaid Overtime: Our attorneys are familiar with all the illegal tactics employers use to shirk their responsibility to provide proper overtime pay. We can help you recover the pay you deserve.
  • Unpaid Bonuses: Has your employer stiffed you on a contracted bonus that you’ve rightfully earned? This is breach of contract. Our attorneys can take legal action to compel your employer to provide the payment you deserve.
  • Independent Contractor Misclassification: Employers sometimes misclassify employees as independent contractors in an attempt to evade certain wage & hour laws. However, misclassifying an employee is in and of itself a wage & hour violation. As your attorney, we will stand up for your rights and help you get the compensation and benefits you deserve.

It’s Your Money--Don’t Let It Get Away

If you are the victim of a wage & hour violation, your employer is basically robbing you of the money you have rightfully earned. Why stand for this mistreatment when our experienced wage & hour attorneys are here to help? We will fight for you to receive the compensation you’ve earned.

Get started today by submitting your case online or calling us at 800-333-0000 and requesting your free initial consultation. We’ll review your case and help you understand what steps you need to take next.


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