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Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Accidents

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Pedestrian Accidents

The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker provides aggressive representation for pedestrian accident cases.

It doesn’t take a huge impact to cause serious, potentially life-altering injuries to a pedestrian. For example, a low speed tap from a vehicle could cause a pedestrian to fall down and hit their head on the concrete, resulting in a traumatic brain injury. Fortunately, pedestrians can take legal action in order to secure the compensation they need and deserve following an accident.

Here’s How The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker Can Help

It is in your best interests to contact an experienced pedestrian accident attorney such as The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker immediately after any kind of pedestrian accident. This will give you a head start in building your case for compensation.

We will help you through all the major challenges associated with the aftermath of a pedestrian accident by:

  • Gathering evidence to prove liability for the accident
  • Finding caring and compassionate doctors
  • Interacting with insurance companies in a way that protects your rights & interests
  • Helping you pay your medical bills
  • Helping you avoid financial difficulty while out of work
  • Fighting for full and fair compensation in or out of court

No Case Is Too Complicated for Our Skilled Attorneys

Following a pedestrian accident, it is common for the driver or other at-fault party to try to shift the blame to the pedestrian. They may claim you crossed against the light or stepped off the curb without warning. Fortunately, you can rely on our skilled attorneys to get to the bottom of the matter and prove what really happened. We have handled all kinds of accidents including ones caused by:

  • Drunk or drug-impaired drivers
  • Drivers running stoplights or stop signs
  • Drivers failing to yield right of way at crosswalks
  • Speeding and other reckless driver behavior
  • Improper signage or maintenance at an intersection

Now You May Wonder…

…How Much Is My Case Worth?

The amount of compensation you could recover in a pedestrian accident injury claim will depend on the specifics of your case. One of the most important factors to consider is the nature of your injury, as more serious and painful injuries merit more compensation for pain and suffering. The strength of the evidence in your case is also important, as it affects how much leverage we will have when negotiating with the insurance company. As your pedestrian accident attorney, we will be sure to include all applicable areas of recovery when calculating the potential value of your case:

  • Past and future medical costs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Lost income
  • Lost earning capacity

…When Will I Receive My Compensation?

Unfortunately, the amount of time it takes to resolve your case depends mainly on how the at-fault party’s insurance company wants to handle things. We will keep the pressure on them, but ultimately we will have to wait for them to extend a settlement offer. If this does not happen in a reasonable amount of time, we can take them to court if circumstances justify it.

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