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Most People Consider Themselves Good Multi-Taskers but Science Says Otherwise
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Most People Consider Themselves Good Multi-Taskers but Science Says Otherwise

Most People Consider Themselves Good Multi-Taskers but Science Says Otherwise

Everyone knows that distracted driving is a serious hazard, but most people do not think they are guilty of it. This does not mean that they are not using their phones, eating, or changing the radio while driving – it simply means that they believe they can do several things at once. In fact, most people think they are good at multitasking when they are anything but.

This would be a minor issue that only affects those who cannot correctly allocate their time when trying to multitask, but for the car accidents this behavior causes. Keep reading to find out why scientists say it is clear: No one can multitask well. If you are involved in a car, pedestrian, motorcycle, or bike accident caused by someone else driving while distracted, contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 for a free legal consultation.

Smartphones Are a Huge Distraction

The reason smartphones are more dangerous than other distractions is because they require a lot of attention. They involve visual distractions in which the driver’s eyes are not on the road. They involve manual distractions in which the driver is holding the phone with one hand or texting while driving. They also involve cognitive distractions in which the driver is focusing their brainpower on sending the message – not on what’s ahead of them on the road.

Distracted Driving is Largely Responsible for the Recent Rise in Car Accidents

According to a study from the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, car accidents have risen an average of 7% per year since 2014. This is the largest increase in the last 50 years. Distracted driving is believed to be largely responsible for this, which is why the NSC and NHTSA have aggressive campaigns to curb distracted driving. That said, convincing people that they are not able to multitask may be the best way to proceed.

Studies Show That People Are Not Good Multitaskers

The NHTSA completed a survey of more than 6,000 people and found that nearly half of them answered the phone while driving, and more than 55% said they would keep driving with a phone in their hand. Only about one in four said they would make calls behind the wheel, but of those who did, half of them believe that it had no effect on their ability to drive safely. In fact, 5% believed it made them better drivers.

Scientific studies have shown that when a person skips from one task to another, they are losing precious concentration from all tasks they are doing. This means that you may be able to change a diaper and watch TV at the same time, but neither the diaper nor the TV show is getting your full attention. When this happens with your phone and driving, it can have deadly consequences.

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