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Learn What You Can Control: How to Reduce Your Motorcycle Insurance Rates
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Learn What You Can Control: How to Reduce Your Motorcycle Insurance Rates

No matter how careful you are, no matter how many years you’ve gone without getting involved in a motorcycle accident, the truth of the matter is that motorcycle insurance rates can be extremely high. While the monthly cost can vary based on where you live, there are a number of ways you can lower your rate. Keep reading to find out more and remember that if you are involved in a motorcycle accident, The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker is here to help.

Make a Commitment to Staying as Safe as Possible

The sobering truth is that motorcycle accidents are 35 times as likely to be fatal accidents compared to car accidents. We recommend taking a safe rider training course, not just once but ever three to five years. Doing so can not only keep you up to date on the latest safety features, but you can get a discount of between 5% and 10%, depending on your insurance company. If you decide to become an instructor, your motorcycle insurance could be reduced by as much as 20%.

There are often other benefits that come along with taking a safe rider course. For example, you may get a discount at various motorcycle dealerships or motorcycle retail shops. Check with your local Motorcycle Safety Foundation or DMV website to find out what courses are approved.

Make Sure Your Driving Record is Taken into Consideration

If you have a clean driving record, make sure it is working for you. To be considered a “Preferred Operator” you will need to be at least 25 years old, have one year of motorcycle riding experience, and have no more than two minor violations and no major violations. You also cannot have been involved in any major at-fault accidents in the last three years. You could receive a discount of up to 10% if you qualify for this – but you may have to ask for it.

Various Clubs May Offer Significant Discounts

You could save as much as 10% if you are a member of the Honda Riders Club of America, the Harley Owners Group, the American Motorcycle Association, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, the Gold Wing Riders Association, or the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America. There may also be local clubs that offer group insurance discounts.

Consider Making Changes to Your Deductible

If you have savings in the bank and could handle paying a larger deductible in the event something happened, it may be worth it to pay a higher deductible. For example, you could be responsible for the first $1,000 of an accident instead of the first $500. This could save as much as 20% over a year.

If you are involved in an accident then as soon as you are safe, you should contact a personal injury attorney. You can reach The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 at your earliest convenience.

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