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Dog Bite Victims’ Family to Receive Settlement for the Death of Their Loved One
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Dog Bite Victims’ Family to Receive Settlement for the Death of Their Loved One

Dog Bite Victims’ Family to Receive Settlement for the Death of Their Loved One

The family of 63-year-old Pamela Devitt, who lost her life in a dog attack, will be receiving a $1.1 million settlement from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. What has led to this large settlement? And how did this woman lose her life? Take a look at the facts of this case. If you have been injured in a dog bite you can contact a personal injury attorney by calling The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000.

More About the Accident and Injury

Mrs. Devitt was killed a few blocks from the home of the pack of dogs. They mauled her to death while she was out for her morning exercise. In total, she had more than 200 puncture wounds. Her death was the result of blood loss and she died before reaching the hospital.

The dogs also chased a driver in a truck who saw the mauling, called 9-1-1, and honked her horn to try and stop the dogs. The dogs' owner was found to have had the dogs in order to protect a drug operation in his home. He was arrested for an unrelated drug charge and was convicted of second-degree murder in Devitt’s death. He has been sentenced to 15 years to life in a California state prison.

Why Was Los Angeles County Held Responsible?

The lawsuit was against Los Angeles County. In it, Devitt’s husband and children claimed that the county’s Animal Control department knew that the dogs were dangerous but did not take steps to impound them. The family of Devitt claimed that the county had gotten complaints as far back as ten years before her death. Those complaints included information that a pack of pit bulls had escaped his property and attacked people, livestock, and pets. Officials did not take any action.

The most recent complaints were just four months before the death of Devitt. Two complaints were made about the dogs attacking people and horses. The department did investigate but found that the dogs were “adequately confined.” There were a total of eight dogs in the home of the plaintiff: Six pit bulls and two mixed-breed dogs.

The Owner is Almost Always Responsible for Their Dogs Behavior

In the state of California, a dog owner is almost always responsible if their dog bites someone. Even if the owner had no way of knowing that their dog was aggressive or capable of biting someone, simply owning the dog is taking responsibility for its actions. There are a few exceptions, such as when a person trespasses on your property.

If you have suffered a dog bite and want justice contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000. We can get started with a free legal consultation during which we will go over your potential options. You are not in this alone – get help from us today.

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